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worker holding metal plate against manufacturing machinery

Why Hackers Target Small Manufacturing Companies

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  • 6 min read

How You Can Protect Your Organization Cyberattacks can cause devastating consequences for your organization. For instance, ransomware attacks can cause you to lose important data unless you pay a hefty ransom. Data breaches often cause harm to a company’s reputation, but worse, they can result in hefty fines that can force you out of business.… 

Dialing a telephone in the office

4 Tips for Choosing the Best Cloud VoIP Service for Your Business

Cloud VoIP: How to Choose the Best Option for Your Biz If you’re looking for ways to modernize your business, cut cords, and trim the fat, switching from a traditional on-premise phone solution to a cloud-based Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution is a no-brainer. The only question is, do you know how to find…