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Putting pins in a map to plan your GeoDirectory Website

What is GeoDirectory and Why Should You Use it?

The internet is full of directory websites. Some directories include listings for local businesses, while others contain listings for businesses worldwide. Other directory sites aren’t business-related. For example, some people use directory websites as text-searchable information repositories for niche content. While some of the larger websites are made using custom applications, most are made with… 

Conceptual image of customer service and social media interactions

Why Building a Community Website is a Great Idea

Have you been thinking about ways to create stronger relationships with your customers and generate a positive brand experience? You can accomplish all of that and more by creating an online community website. What is a community website? A community website is where people gather to have conversations, exchange information, learn, and laugh. Technically, social… 

Searching information

Why SEO is for Your Visitors, not Search Engines

When you think of search engine optimization (SEO), you might think about keywords and backlinks. While keywords and backlinks are important aspects of SEO, your visitors are number one. An SEO campaign involves catering to search engines, but good campaigns are focused on visitors. In this article, we’ll explain how search engine optimization is only…