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How long does Google take to index a new website?

Generally speaking, Google can start indexing your website within as little as four to five days but can take up to more than 4 to 5 weeks. Smaller websites will index in a shorter timeframe than larger sites typically. The process of search engines finding your site is generically referred to as having your website “Crawled”.

The Google-specific web crawler, called a Googlebot, has been split into two types of web crawlers. A desktop Googlebot and a mobile Googlebot. The desktop Googlebot crawls the desktop version of your website, whereas the mobile Googlebot crawls the mobile version of your website.

How can you get Google to index your website faster?

Out of all the major search engines, Google is the most powerful and notoriously difficult to rank well with. There have been so many conspiracy theories about how to manipulate Google that it can actually be dizzying for a first-time user to find real information about ranking well with Google Search.

There are really only two primary ways to ensure that your site gets fully recognized by the infamous Googlebots. And they are:

  1. Install Google Analytics on your site
  2. Install Google Search Console on your site

Google Analytics and Google Search Console will give you a full picture of your Google Search traffic as well as how users get to and interact with your website. Once you have connected these two crucial tools, you can connect additional Google services to further optimize your website.

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