Cybersecurity As A Service

Cybersecurity As A Service

Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving at an increadible rate. Our layered security approach works to protect your business from the near constant threat of cyber criminals, all while simplifying management resulting a lowered overall attack surface.

Harness the power of next generation technology.

We use AI-based software and hardware to scan your systems for suspicious activities. Our next-gen solutions are designed to detect threats from millions of data points, and they’re prepared to handle new types of attacks before they’re announced.

Endpoint-based malware detection and response (MDR) solution that detects and stops malicious files and processes on Windows, Mac or Linux devices.

A cloud-based email security product that detects business email compromise, spam, and phishing-type emails and attacks.

A managed security product that provides network intrusion detection
with a physical or virtual appliance.

Identify threat-like behavior in your systems such as impossible logins, multi-factor bypass, coordinated attacks, and rogue agents.