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Search Engine Optimization

While keywords and backlinks are important aspects of SEO,
your visitors are always number one.

What is SEO

When someone performs a search through Google or Bing, they’re given a list of search results that span numerous pages. These pages are commonly referred to as the SERPs, or Search Engine Results Pages. 

The goal of a well-executed SEO strategy is to get your content to appear as high as possible on search results pages.

Searching information
sticker with the inscription SEO in female hands on the background of a laptop

SEO strategies have evolved.

Search engine optimization is a general term for a variety of strategies used to get web pages ranked higher in the search engines. In order for your content to be seen in the search results, it must rank for the words and phrases people type into the Google and Bing.

While SEO has been around for decades, it’s a timeless strategy that never becomes obsolete, although many of the practices have evolved. For instance, some common practice strategies have been rendered useless, while others have changed altogether.

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